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Patient Testimonials

Erin is very knowledgeable & passionate about her profession.  She cares deeply about the wellbeing of her clients.  Erin discovered some health problems by just looking at my blood work tests that my internist didn't detect.  Also, when my mother passed away she prescribed some herbal formulas to help with my sadness.  The herbs helped greatly with my broken heart.  Acupuncture has made a big difference in my life!  I am so grateful to Erin for her thoughtful care & attention.  So please don't put off making an appointment with Erin.  You'll be very happy that you did! -- B.H.

I visited Erin for chronic migraines and neck pain, due to my work as a photographer. Within a week, all of my symptoms were greatly improved. Erin listens attentively and has a genuine love of healing people. Her demeanor is calm and I leave every session feeling very zen and balanced. I would recommend her to anyone interested in alternative medicine! -- E.W.

Erin promotes the benefits of a balanced body/mind/spirit model that works.  Her positive attitude and personal example is testimony in itself.  She is genuine in her dedication to her patients and their long-term health.  Highly recommend her "can do" attitude and approach. -- L.A.

Erin is amazing, I haven't had a migraine since we started working together 2 months ago. I have tried so many things over the past 6 years and nothing has made a difference like acupuncture, cupping and Erin! Erin takes the time to listen, figure out the root of the problem and help your body heal naturally. I always leave my sessions relaxed and feeling so much better. I would highly recommend Erin to anyone that is looking for a great acupuncturist! -- E.A.

Erin has listened and tended to my problems more than any other health worker. I was a college athlete and have a major shoulder pain that has been going on for 8 years now. I went to a chiropractor and ended up with migraines on top of my normal pain. She has gotten me to weeks without migraines, they were almost every day at that point. And my shoulder is immensely better. She continues to research and change techniques to keep me feel my best and addressing my issues! I can’t say thank you enough. Erin always goes above and beyond! -- N.H.

Erin has saved my skin! I came to her with hormonal imbalance and acne and anxiety. I wasn't taking good care of my skin - doing the bare minimum. Along with acupuncture and her fancy machines, my skin is SO much better. Additionally, I feel like at each visit, my nervous system gets a reset. She has helped me find products that work with my skin and diet changes to get my spline healthy. Erin is professional, listens to my concerns and I've seen great improvement for our visits. Highly recommend! Update: I also saw Erin a couple weeks ago for gut problems and high stress. She did acupuncture and gave me some Chinese herbs which I have taken for a few weeks now and there is a huge positive difference in my digestive system! -- C.P.

Where to start- Erin is an exceptional practitioner and an an intuitive healer. Her knowledge is boundless and her passion for her work is apparent in all that she does. Erin has a way of making you feel like you aren’t alone on your journey to health and wellness. She has brought me clarity and kindness on even my cloudiest of days. If you haven’t seen her, the time is now. Thank you Erin for being you! -- P.W.

Erin is an amazing practitioner as well as human being. She is so kind and caring. Takes to time to listen and be fully engaged with you to see what you are in need of. She is so well studied and deeply committed to wellness and helping you to heal. I have been working with her throughout my pregnancy and it has helped things go super smooth and comfortably! I am very grateful for her work and services! -- J.L.

Erin is the best! I had never received an acupuncture treatment before or herbal therapeutic medicine and she took me through it all with attentiveness to my back issues, understanding for it being my first time, and overall professionalism toward every aspect of treatment. After seeing her for a number of sessions now, my back pain has been reduced close to zero, the herbal remedies have been working great, and I feel rejuvenated and ready to rock and roll after every visit! Thanks! -- T.T.

I have been suffering from sciatic nerve pain for the past 2+ years due to a herniated disc. Thanks to Erin and her dedication to helping me live a pain-free life, I can honestly say that my quality of life has significantly improved! We are working together to manage my pain and get to the root of the issue - she has an expertise, intuition, finesse, and genuine desire to help heal. If you are thinking about acupuncture as a modality for healing I highly recommend Erin as the person to help. -- K.H.

I started seeing Erin for regular acupuncture treatments for my chronic headaches and migraines, as well as for some skin issues following getting off of birth control. I was a little nervous for my first session, but Erin has a very calming vibe and personality. She made me feel super relaxed and comfortable during the intake, so I knew it was going to be a good fit! The needles didn’t hurt at all, and I left our first session feeling relaxed, happy, and more energetic. She prescribed me a couple of herbal formulas to help with my skin and headaches, too. After a few weeks of consistent treatments, my headaches were pretty much gone, my migraines became less frequent, and my skin started clearing up. After a few months, I didn’t experience headaches at all anymore and I rarely ever got a migraine. We switched to doing cosmetic acupuncture facials and my skin has never looked better! My hormonal acne has completely cleared up and my skin looks more radiant and glowing. My forehead wrinkles are starting to become less noticeable as well! I highly recommend Erin for all things health and wellness related, she can do it all! -- S.W.

Erin has a wealth of knowledge about really anything to do with the human body, specifically the inner workings. She understands on multiple levels how the body operates and uses that knowledge to heal! I have personally referred any of my friends in the area that are currently experience pain of any kind. Thank you for getting my energetic channels open and working properly!! My back and neck have not felt better in years! -- C.B.

Erin is thorough in her intake assessment and a very good listener, so she knows what you are looking to focus on. I find her upbeat, professional, very competent, and very much a healer. I’m usually so wound up, and yet I get to a session with her and fall asleep. She has helped me resolve major pain issues. -- C.R.

I have been seeing Erin for about a year now to help with anxiety and recently hand pain. Just being in her presence makes me calm. Her knowledge astounds me and my hand discomfort is feeling better already. -- C.P.

Erin is the best accupuncturist Ive ever known and had made all the difference for my husband's esophageal issues and my digestive and depression issues! -- M.G.

Erin is one in a million! Such a generous human and attuned practitioner. I highly, highly recommend. -- H.R.

Patient Testimonials: Testimonials
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